Advanced Medical Care Course

Course Duration : 2 weeks
Entry Standards: The course is open to seafarers to be designated to be in charge of medical care on board ships. Those entering the course have successfully completed training in medical first aid on board ship, such as specified in the IMO Model Course 1.14 Medical first Aid. The course is also open to seafarers who have previously completed this Medical Care training and wish to comply with the recommendation in the IMO/ILO Document for Guidance, 1985 that a refresher course should be undertaken at intervals of approximately five years.
Location: No.(37), Ta Taine Hmawe Street, Mya Khwar Nyo Housing (War War Win), Thaketa Township, Yangon.
Phone : +95-9 250985639, 250985640, 250985641


    (1) COC (copy) (or) Result Sheet  (copy)
    (2) CDC (copy)
    (3) First Aids Certificate (copy)
    (4) 3 Photos